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Ordering from international online pharmacies: American vs Canadian vs European

by Bigmountaindrugs - March 23 , 2020

Photo Credit by: Mia Wri,
Photo Credit by: Mia Wri,

If you’re ever considered ordering your prescription medications from an online pharmacy, you’ve likely run into questions about safety and wondered if all online pharmacies are the same. The short answer to that question is no, not all online international pharmacies are made the same. It’s important to do your research into online pharmacies before you move forward on ordering or sending your prescription in.

However, there are a few different nationalities represented by even the most reputable online pharmacies. For example, people often order from Canadian online pharmacies, but how do these compare to American or European online pharmacies? In this article, we’ll explore some similarities and differences between three of the most popular online international pharmacies: American, Canadian, and European. Read on to discover what you need to know about ordering from American, Canadian, and European online pharmacies.

To learn more about remaining safe when ordering medications from online international pharmacies, click here.

American online pharmacies

One of the most important things to look at when ordering from an international online pharmacy is the assortment of items available on the website. American online pharmacies do pretty well in this regard. While a typical American online pharmacy has around 16 drug categories to offer consumers, this is still less than a Canadian pharmacy’s 18 categories. Still, the selection offered is pretty wide, so it seems American online pharmacies are usually able to meet their customers’ needs when it comes to the selection and assortment of products offered online.

Sample categories available on online American pharmacies include vitamins, home health care, digestive health, contact lenses, personal care, skin care, and more. However, American online pharmacies seem to be focused less on selling health related products and medicines, and more on general lifestyle, wellbeing, and household products alongside the medical and health care products. You can do everything from order your Christmas cards to pick up your migraine prescription medication to drop in for a gallon of milk at an American pharmacy. This is often quite convenient in person, but not necessarily as helpful online.

When it comes to shopping for, purchasing, and then getting these items delivered, however, this is where American online pharmacies take a back seat. American online pharmacies typically only offer delivery to the country’s 48 contiguous states. Delivery to places like Alaska or Hawaii often costs extra, if delivery is available at all. That’s where Canadian online pharmacies tend to shine through.

Canadian online pharmacies

Online Canadian pharmacies typically offer the widest delivery range out there. Unlike American pharmacies, which typically only offer delivery to the 48 contiguous U.S. states, Canadian pharmacies deliver all over America as well as other countries and within Canada. Some online Canadian pharmacies offer delivery to almost every corner of the world, save for a few countries here and there.

Of course, because they can deliver far and wide, sometimes shipping takes a little longer, even up to three weeks or so. However, when you need more affordable access to prescriptions and want them delivered reliably, Canadian online pharmacies can be your best bet. It’s convenient for people all over the world to be able to order prescriptions at prices they can afford. Some online Canadian pharmacies even offer free shipping! You can’t beat that.

Canadian online pharmacies also offer the widest assortment of products available online. Instead of non-health care related categories like photo or grocery, online Canadian pharmacies offer more varied categories like anti-depressants, men’s health, pain relief, antibiotics, mental health, epilepsy, anxiety, sleep aids, asthma, cholesterol, and more. Plus, it’s easy to shop online when you can search by category or name, or simply browse the online pharmacy’s best sellers and most popular items. While American online pharmacies offer a wide assortment too, Canadian online pharmacies offer even more.

When it comes to comparing prices between international online pharmacies, many people turn to online Canadian pharmacies because they offer medications and prescriptions at rates that are much more affordable than the standard pharmacy prices in one’s own country. In fact, many American choose to order their prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies online for this very reason.

Being able to better afford your prescriptions and get them delivered directly to your doorstep is a major win, and that’s why for a lot of people out there, online Canadian pharmacies are the only way to go.

European online pharmacies

Judging by a typical European pharmacy, European online pharmacies seem to offer the smallest selection of products available online when compared to other international online pharmacies. The number of product categories offered online is closer to 11, rather than America’s 16 or Canada’s 18 categories, taken from sample online pharmacies in each country.

Sample European online pharmacy offerings include products in categories like weight loss, sexual health, medicine and treatments, vitamins and supplements, mobility, toiletries, skin care, and more. They seem to be less focused on side offerings like photo or grocery than American pharmacies are.

European online pharmacies seem to offer the widest range of delivery speeds and options, but this is likely because they tend to only deliver to countries in Europe, not internationally. Plus, they are not known for offering super affordable prescriptions in the same way that Canadian online pharmacies are.



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