PanOxyl (Benzoyl Peroxide)

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Generic Equivalent of PanOxyl

TypeDrug NameDosage 
Benzoyl Peroxide2.5 %/20 gm
Benzoyl Peroxide5 %/20 gm

PanOxyl Information:

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PanOxyl (generic name: Benzoyl Peroxide) is an OTC medication used in various topical formulations for the treatment of mild to moderate acne. Formerly only available in gel or cream form, PanOxyl is now available in facial cleansing formulations such as a wash bar, cleansing gel and cream and as a gel. Both PanOxyl and generic benzoyl peroxide are available as easy to apply aquagels (also known as Persol gel). The action of PanOxyl on acne is three fold. It is a powerful antibacterial agent, bleach in fact, thus it kills and prevents bacteria infecting the skin. PanOxyl helps dry up spots and break down comedones (black heads). The peeling action of PanOxyl reduces skin's greasiness and dissolves dead skin cells preventing new spots and black heads from forming. PanOxyl should always be used exactly as your doctor or the patient leaflet instructs.

PanOxyl Side Effects:

Peeling, the desired action of PanOxyl when excessive, the medication's most commonly cited side effect causing redness, soreness and even blistering of the skin. A burning or tingling sensation on commencing treatment with PanOxyl is entirely normal and only to be expected. Reducing the amount of PanOxyl used, reducing the number of applications or strength of product will usually remedy any problematic or uncomfortable itchiness, burning or peeling. The most severe, though extremely rare, reaction to PanOxyl is a severe allergic reaction. If you experience swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue or throat, difficulty breathing and light headedness seek medical assistance at once.

PanOxyl Precautions:

PanOxyl is a bleach and therefore care must be taken to avoid its contact with lips, mouth, eyes and nasal passages. Due to its bleaching action, benzoyl peroxide should not come into contact with fabrics and it may be necessary to protect pillowcases from colour loss. PanOxyl should only be applied to acne affected areas. PanOxyl should never be applied to eyelids or the delicate area around the eye. Care should be taken when applying PanOxyl to the skin of the neck. People with fair or very fair skin should only apply PanOxyl once, rather than twice, a day. Care should be taken when using PanOxyl to avoid excessive exposure to the sun and burning must be avoided. Do not use sun beds or solaria while treating your skin with PanOxyl. Benzoyl Peroxide contains propylene glycol which can cause skin irritation. Do not use PanOxyl if you are sensitive to propylene glycol. Though there are no known adverse effects of PanOxyl use during pregnancy or when breast feeding it is still a wise precaution to inform your doctor if you intend to do so.

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PanOxyl is over-the-counter medication that you do not need a valid RX. PanOxyl is available from our affiliated Canadian pharmacy as PanOxyl wash bar (10 %/100 gm), gel (10 %/60 gm, 5 %/6 gm), cleansing gel (120 gm), creamy wash (120 gm), aquagel (2.5%/60 gm and 5 %/60 gm), wash (5 %/175 ml). Generic Benzoyl peroxide is also available as aquagel (2.5 %/ 20 gm and 5%/20 gm).

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