Brand Medicines

 Drug NameDosage 
Align Probiotic Supplement 
Aspercreme Rub15 %/106 gm
Aspirin81 mg
Aspirin325 mg
Aveeno1 %/3 %/118 ml
Aveeno5 x 21 GM
Aveeno8 x 42 GM
Aveeno30 SPF/81 ml
Aveeno45 SPF/81 ml
Aveeno139 ml
Aveeno227 ml
Aveeno236 ml
Avene Products40 ml
Avene Products50 SPF/40 ml
Avene Products300 ml
Avene Products400 ml
BD Pen Needle for Insulin31 Gauge/5 mm
BD Pen Needle for Insulin31 Gauge/8 mm
BD SafetyGlide IM Injection Needle21 Gauge 1'1/2'' TW
Berocca Performance120 tab
Berocca Performance180 tab
Biotene1 L
Biotene42 gm
Biotene44 ml
Biotene100 ml
Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution60 ml
Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution120 ml
Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution300 ml
Blood Pressure Monitor1 unit
Boo Bamboo Products3 gm
Boo Bamboo Products4 gm
Boo Bamboo Products25 gm
Boo Bamboo Products600 ml
Breathe Right8 strips
Breathe Right10 strips
Breathe Right26 strips
Breathe Right30 strips
Calamine150 ml
Calamine225 ml
Calcium Sandoz500 mg/2.5 mcg/20 Effervescent Tablets
Calcium Sandoz500 mg/20 Effervescent Tablets
Caltrate250 mg/115 mg/400 IU
Caltrate600 mg
Caltrate600 mg/400 IU
Caltrate600 mg/800 IU
Castor Oil50 ml
Chase Kolik150 ml
Cica Care12 cm/6 cm
Claritin1 mg/ml/120 ml
Claritin10 mg
Clearblue Pregnancy Test1 unit
Clearblue Pregnancy Test2 unit
Clearblue Pregnancy Test10 piece
Coenzyme Q1060 mg
Coenzyme Q10100 mg
Coenzyme Q10120 mg
Coenzyme Q10150 mg
Coenzyme Q10200 mg
Coenzyme Q10250 mg
Coenzyme Q10300 mg
Cold FX200 mg
Cold FX300 mg
Cold FX400 mg
Combantrin125 mg/12 tab
Complex 15 Face Cream100 ml
Compound W12 application
Compound W14 piece
Compound W17 %/10 ml
Compound W17 %/7 gm
Compound W20 piece
Compound W30 %/10 ml
Compound W40 %/16 piece
CortiVera1 %/15 gm
Cuticle Trimmer1 each
Dermburo12 gm
Devils Claw1230 mg
Echinacea50 ml
Echinacea300 mg
Echinacea1000 mg
Echinacea1200 mg
Echinacea2100 mg
Echinacea4000 mg
Emtrix10 %/20 %/66.4 %/10 ml
Eucalyptus Oil25 ml
Eucalyptus Oil50 ml
Eucalyptus Oil100 ml
Ferodan30 mg/ml/250 ml
Ferodan30 mg/ml/500 ml
Ferodan75 mg/ml/50 ml
Flaxseed Oil1000 mg
Florasmart Bio-Tract 
Florastor250 mg
Florastor500 mg
Freestyle Libre1st Generation
Freestyle LibreSYSTEM TWO (2nd Generation)
Garlic Odourless 
Gas-X80 mg
Gas-X125 mg
GelfoamSponge Size 12.7
GelfoamSponge Size 100
Genteal Artifical Tears - 0.30%15 ml
Gingko Biloba60 mg
Gingko Biloba120 mg
Glucosamine40 gm
Glucosamine350 ml
Glucosamine400 mg/500 mg
Glucosamine500 mg
Glucosamine750 mg
Glucosamine1300 mg
Grape Seed Extract50 mg
Gravol15 mg/18 tab
Gravol15 mg/5 ml/75 ml
Gravol20 tab
Gravol24 cap
Gravol25 mg/10 sup
Gravol50 mg/10 tab
Gravol50 mg/100 tab
Gravol50 mg/24 cap
Gravol50 mg/8 tab
Gravol50 mg/ml
Gravol100 mg/10 sup
Gravol100 mg/8 cap
Green Tea Capsules140 mg
Gripe Water150 ml
Iberogast100 ml
K-Lyte, K Lyte25 MEQ/30 tab
Lakota Joint Care88 ml
Lakota Joint Care120CP
Lanacane28 gm
Lipclear7 gm
Lipclear10 patch
Lipikar Balm La Roche Posay200 ml
Lipikar Balm La Roche Posay400 ml
Lipikar Body Emollient La Roche Posay200 ml
LovaZa1000 mg
Materna Pre-Natal Vitamins100 tab
Metamucil100 capsules
Midol16 CPLT
Midol32 CPLT
Miralax7 dose
Miralax14 dose
Miralax30 dose
Motrin200 mg
Motrin300 mg
Motrin400 mg
Natrapel Insect Repellent37 ml
Natrapel Insect Repellent74 ml
Neuragen5 ml
New Skin Liquid Bandage10 ml
Nexium 24HR Capsule20 mg
Niferex150 mg
Niferex250 mg
Nitrostat0.3 mg
Nitrostat0.6 mg
Omega 3 Super Concentrate 
Ovol30 ml
Ovol80 mg
Ovol180 mg
Ozonol Ointment30 gm
Ozonol Ointment60 gm
Pharmaton30 tab
Pharmaton60 tab
Pharmaton100 tab
Phillips Milk of Magnesia350 ml
Phillips Milk of Magnesia769 ml
Pill Cutter/Splitter 
Polysporin15 ml
Polysporin28 gm
Polysporin30 gm
Polysporin177 ml
Preparation H25 gm
Preparation H48 supp
Preparation H50 gm
Probaclac14 Capsules
Probaclac40 Capsules
Probaclac45 Capsules
Probaclac60 Capsules
Probaclac75 Tablets
Proferrin11 mg/30 tablet
Proferrin11 mg/90 tablet
Proferrin12 mg/60 tablet
R&C Lice Treatment0.33 %/3 %/142 gm
R&C Lice Treatment0.33 %/3 %/200 ml
R&C Lice Treatment0.33 %/3 %/50 ml
Relax & Sleep60 capsules
Restoralax7 dose
Restoralax14 dose
Restoralax30 dose
Resultz LIQ 50%50 %/120 ml
Resultz LIQ 50%50 %/240 ml
Resveratrol30 cap
Rhinaris5 %/15 %/30 ml
Rhinaris15 %/20 %/30 gm
Saw Palmetto60 capsules
Saw Palmetto160 mg
Sensodyne75 ml
SierraSil Joint 
Similasan10 ml
Sodium Chloride0.9 %/10 ml
Soluver10 ml
Soluver14 ml
Supradyn450 Tablets
Syringe and Needle1 cc
Syringe and Needle3 cc
Systane0.4 ml
Systane0.7 ml
Systane3.5 gm
Systane10 ml
Systane15 ml
Systane30 ml
Tavegyl1 mg
Tiger Balm18 gm
Tiger Balm50 gm
Tiger Balm113 ml
Ulticare Syringe0.3 cc
Ulticare Syringe0.5 cc
Ulticare Syringe1 ml
Ulticare Syringe30G x 6mm
Ulticare Syringe30G x 8 mm
Ulticare Syringe32G x 4 mm
Valerian Root Extract400 mg
Venixxa500 mg/30 tab
Venixxa500 mg/36 tab
Vicks15 mg/625 mg/354 ml
Vicks57 ml
Vicks115 ml
Vicks190 ml
Vicks325 mg/10 mg/5 mg
Vicks325 mg/15 mg/6.25 mg
Vicks650 mg/20 mg/10 mg/354 ml
Vitamin D400 IU
Vitamin D400 IU/11.7 ml
Vitamin D1000 IU
Vitamin D2000 IU
Vitamin D50000 IU
Wake Up100 mg
Wake Up200 mg
Wartner - Wart Removal System35ml
Zostrix0.025 %/60 gm
Zostrix0.075 %/60 gm

Generic Equivalents

 Drug NameDosage 
Pyrantel Pamoate50 mg/ml
Pyrantel Pamoate125 mg/10 tab
Vitamin B91 mg
Vitamin B95 mg
Dimenhydrinate50 mg/10 sup
Dimenhydrinate50 mg/250 tab
Dimenhydrinate50 mg/ml
Dimenhydrinate100 mg/10 sup
Potassium Chloride20 MEQ
Potassium, Citric Acid25 MEQ/30 tab
Vitamins100 tab
Ibuprofen200 mg
Ibuprofen300 mg
Ibuprofen400 mg
Polysaccharide-Iron complex150 mg
Sodium Chloride1G
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