Brand Medicines

 Drug NameDosage 
Afinitor2 mg
Afinitor2.5 mg
Afinitor5 mg
Afinitor10 mg
Akynzeo300 mg/0.5 mg
Alecensa150 mg
Anandron50 mg
Arimidex1 mg
Aromasin25 mg
Bosulif100 mg
Bosulif500 mg
Cabometyx20 mg
Cabometyx40 mg
Cabometyx60 mg
Casodex50 mg
CeeNU10 mg
Cerubidine20 mg/1 vials
Cotellic20 mg
Cyclophosphamide Injection1000 mg
Cytoxan25 mg
Cytoxan50 mg
Cytoxan1000 mg/1 vial
Doxoteva10 mg
Emend80 mg
Emend125 mg
Emend125 mg/80 mg/80 mg
Erleada60 mg
Fareston60 mg
Femara2.5 mg
Firmagon80 mg
Firmagon120 mg
Fludara10 mg
Fludara50 mg
Gavreto100 mg
Gilotrif20 mg
Gilotrif30 mg
Gilotrif40 mg
Giotrif20 mg
Giotrif30 mg
Giotrif40 mg
Gleevec400 mg
Ibrance75 mg
Ibrance100 mg
Ibrance125 mg
Imbruvica140 mg
Inlyta1 mg
Inlyta5 mg
Jakafi5 mg
Jakafi10 mg
Jakafi15 mg
Jakafi20 mg
Jakavi5 mg
Jakavi10 mg
Jakavi15 mg
Jakavi20 mg
Juluca50 mg/25 mg
Kisqali200 mg
Kytril3 mg/3 ml
Leucovorin Calcium5 mg
Lorbrena25 mg
Lorbrena100 mg
Lynparza150 mg
Lysodren500 mg
Mekinist0.5 mg
Mekinist2 mg
Metoject10 mg/0.2 ml
Metoject15 mg/0.3 ml
Metoject20 mg/0.4 ml
Metoject25 mg/0.5 ml
Mozobil20 mg/ml
Myleran2 mg
Nexavar200 mg
Nilandron50 mg
Nubeqa300 mg
Ofev100 mg
Ofev150 mg
Ondissolve4 mg
Ondissolve8 mg
Piqray150 mg
Piqray200 mg
Piqray200 mg/50 mg
Procytox25 mg
Procytox50 mg
Procytox1000 mg/1 vial
Purinethol50 mg
Rozlytrek200 mg
Rydapt25 mg
Salagen5 mg
Scemblix20 mg
Scemblix40 mg
Soltamox10 mg/5 ml/150 ml
Sprycel20 mg
Sprycel50 mg
Sprycel70 mg
Sprycel80 mg
Sprycel100 mg
Sutent12.5 mg
Sutent25 mg
Sutent50 mg
Tafinlar50 mg
Tafinlar75 mg
Tagrisso40 mg
Tagrisso80 mg
Tarceva25 mg
Tarceva100 mg
Tarceva150 mg
Tasigna200 mg
Treanda25 mg
Treanda100 mg
Trelstar11.25 mg
Tykerb250 mg
Verzenio150 mg
Verzenio200 mg
Vizimpro15 mg
Vizimpro30 mg
Vizimpro45 mg
Votrient200 mg
Votrient400 mg
Xeloda150 mg
Xospata40 mg
Xtandi40 mg
Zelboraf240 mg
Zofran8 mg
Zofran Oral Solution4 mg/5 ml/50 ml
Zometa4 mg/5 ml
Zykadia150 mg
Zytiga250 mg
Zytiga500 mg

Generic Equivalents

 Drug NameDosage 
Everolimus2.5 mg
Everolimus5 mg
Everolimus10 mg
Anastrozole1 mg
Exemestane25 mg
Bosutinib Monohydrate100 mg
Bosutinib Monohydrate400 mg
Bicalutamide50 mg
Bicalutamide150 mg
Oxaliplatin5 mg/ml/10 ml
Oxaliplatin5 mg/ml/20 ml
Oxaliplatin5 mg/ml/40 ml
Aprepitant125 mg/80 mg/80 mg
Letrozole2.5 mg
Imatinib100 mg
Imatinib400 mg
Hydroxyurea500 mg
Ibrutinib140 mg
Gefitinib250 mg
Calcium Folinate5 mg
Calcium Folinate15 mg
Megestrol Acetate40 mg
Megestrol Acetate160 mg
Methotrexate15 mg/0.6 ml
Methotrexate25 mg/ml
Sorafenib200 mg
Tamoxifen10 mg
Tamoxifen20 mg
Nintedanib Esylate100 mg
Nintedanib Esylate150 mg
Mercaptopurine50 mg
Methotrexate2.5 mg
Methotrexate7.5 mg
Methotrexate10 mg
Pilocarpine5 mg
Dasatinib80 mg
Sunitinib12.5 mg
Sunitinib25 mg
Sunitinib50 mg
Erlotinib25 mg
Erlotinib100 mg
Erlotinib150 mg
Docetaxel Injection Concentrate10 mg/ml
Bendamustine25 mg
Bendamustine100 mg
Pazopanib200 mg
Capecitabine150 mg
Capecitabine500 mg
Enzalutamide40 mg
Ondansetron Hydrochloride Dihydrate4 mg
Ondansetron Hydrochloride Dihydrate8 mg
Ondansetron Hydrochloride Dihydrate2 mg/ml
Zoledronic Acid4 mg/5 ml
Abiraterone250 mg
Abiraterone500 mg
Prescriptions Dispensed from Canada are Dispensed by: Candrug Pharmacy, ID#18985 604-543-8711. 202A 8322-130th Street, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada V3W 8J9. Pharmacy Manager: Carol Hou.
This pharmacy is duly licensed in the province of British Columbia, Canada by the College of Pharmacists of BC. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the college at: 200-1765 West 8th Ave Vancouver, BC V6J 5C6 Canada. In addition to dispensing from our affiliated Canadian dispensing pharmacy, we also arrange for your medications to be dispensed from licensed pharmacies and international fulfilment centers that are approved by the regulatory bodies in their respective countries. We affiliate with dispensaries in the following jurisdictions that ship product to our customers: Canada, Mauritius, India, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, and United Kingdom. All prices are in US dollars.
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